California Campaign History: Over 38 million signatures

a – measure was adopted or rescinded by city or state
b – measure was halted or not filed by proponent
c – ballot placement pending court ruling
d – measure designation TBA

Prop 60 – Adult Films; Condom Use
Prop 61 – Rx Drug Pricing Controls
Prop 62 – Repeal the Death Penalty
Prop 63 – Firearms and Ammo
a – Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave
Meas. B – Animal Shelters (Napa County)
b – Hospital Executive Pay (North San County Health Board)
Meas S – Preserve LA; Building Moratorium (City of Los Angeles)
a – Municipal Services; Waste Removal (City of Whittier)
c – Oaks Shopping Development (City of Cupertino)
Meas. GG Cypress Town Center and Commons (City of Cypress)
b – Rent Control (City of Oakland)
Meas. K – Save Ridgelines and Open Space (City of Pleasanton)
a – Referendum on Museum Tower (City of Newport Beach)
Renewable Energy Discounts (San Bernardino County)
Plebiscite – Stop Caruso Tower on La Cienega Blvd (City of Los Angeles)
9 Candidate Nominations (City of Los Angeles)

a – Referendum of Paseo One Development (City of San Diego)
a – NFL Stadium at Hollywood Park (City of Inglewood)
a – Recessions against Referendum of NFL Stadium (City of Inglewood)
Prop F – Airbnb Regulations (San Francisco)
Prop G – Renewable Energy (San Francisco)
a – Referendum Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (City of Vallejo)
a – Recessions against Development Referendum (City of Moreno Valley)

Prop 47 Criminal Sentencing – Safe Neighborhoods
b – In Home Care
Meas. N - Medical Marijuana (Lake County)
a – City Health Commission (City of Los Angeles)
Prop F Pier 70 (City of San Francisco)
b – Airbnb (City of San Francisco)
Meas. W – Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (City of Costa Mesa)
b – Minimum Wage Increase (City of Richmond)
Meas. A – Open Space (City of Buena Park)
a – Fire Department Referendum (City of Hemet)
Meas. I – Stamp Out Sprawl (City of Modesto)
Meas. R – Your Malibu Your Decision (City of Malibu)
Campus Safety Plebiscite
7 Candidate Nominations

c – Health Department (City of Los Angeles)
Prop B – Washington Street Development (San Francisco)
Prop D – Prescription Drugs Purchasing (San Francisco)
Meas K – Fort Ord Monterey Downs (Monterey County)
Amend 14 – Fire & Police Services (City of Downey)
Meas. M – County Facility Maintenance (Santa Barbara County)
Plebiscite – Billable (City of Los Angeles)
Unification Request – Alpine School District (BOE, San Diego County)
Letters to Assembly Member Gatto – Support LA Co. Adult Film Condom Law
a – Competitive Bidding (City of Cotati)
Plebiscite – Hotel Development in Pacoima (City of Los Angeles)

Prop 31 – State Budget
Prop 35 – Human Trafficking
Prop 36 – Three Strikes
Meas. B - Adult Film/Safer Sex (Los Angeles County)
c – Utility Tax (San Gabriel)
c – Police & Fire Pensions (San Gabriel)
a – Referendum on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (City of Los Angeles)
Prop D – Regulations on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (City of Los Angeles)
Plebiscite – Cardiz Water Project (Orange & San Bernardino Counties)
6 Candidate Nominations

Prop D – Pension Reform (San Francisco)
c – Sheriffs; City Police Force (Compton)
a - Referendum on Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries (San Jose)
c – Adult Films; Condom Use (Los Angeles)
Plebiscite - AT&T Access (statewide)
Plebiscite – Trutanich for District Attorney (Los Angeles County)
Plebiscite – Computer System for Water Filtration (Los Angeles)
Plebiscite - Public Parking (Santa Monica)
Plebiscite – Lorenzo Development Project (Los Angeles)
Plebiscite – Wetherly Project (Los Angeles)
Nomination - Jayme Wilson for City Council (Los Angeles)

Prop 22 - Prohibit State from taking some local funds
Meas. P - Marymount College (Rancho Palos Verdes)
Prop G - Fix Muni (San Francisco)
Police Force (Maywood)
Meas. 3P - Parking (Beverly Hills)
Plebiscite - Keep the Court at Pier Plaza (Redondo Beach)
8 Candidate Nominations

a - Development & Parking Referendum 1 (Walnut Creek)
a - Development & Parking Referendum 2 (Walnut Creek)
Plebiscite - West Hollywood

Prop 2 - Humane Farms
Prop 5 - Non-Violent Offenders/Treatment Options
Prop 7 - Renewable Energy
Prop 10 - Alternative Fuel Rebates
Meas. T - Zoning & Land Use (Santa Monica)
a - Development & Parking Referendum (Walnut Creek)
Police Employees (Baldwin Park)
Meas. OO - Kids First! Children’s’ Programs (Oakland)
LAFCO Study - East Los Angeles Incorporation as City
Plebiscite - Light Rail Expansion (Los Angeles)
Plebiscite - Light Rail Expansion (West Hollywood)
8 Candidate Nominations

Prop 99 - Eminent Domain (on June 2008 ballot)

Orderly Growth (Solano Co.)
Meas. M - Zoning & Land Use (Indio)
Meas. J-0 - Dalidio Ranch (San Luis Obispo Co.)
Plebiscite - Health Care (Antelope Valley)
Meas. P - Parking (Arcadia)
Meas. N - Sign Regulations (Arcadia)
Plebiscite - Government Accountability (Los Angeles)

b - Cigarette Tax
Prop 78 - Prescription Drugs
Meas. A - NFL Use of Rose Bowl (Pasadena)
Meas. L - Urban Limit Line (Brentwood)
Meas. K - Growth & Traffic Relief (Antioch)
Meas. P - Urban Limit Line (Pittsburg)

Prop 62 - Elections & Primaries
Prop 63 - Mental Health Services
Prop 65 - City Revenues Protection
Prop 70 - Tribal Gaming
Nomination - Nader for President
Ref #387 - Zoning & Development (Glendale)
Ref #389 - Zoning & Development (Glendale)
Ref #390 - Zoning & Development (Glendale)
Meas. S - Community College Bond (Santa Monica)
Prop B - Gregory Canyon Landfill (San Diego)
Meas. A - Referendum on Montage Hotel (Beverly Hills)
9 Candidate Nominations

School District (Camarillo)
a - Adult Clubs/Lap Dancing Referendum (Los Angeles)
Plebiscite - Anti-Recall/Support Gov. Davis
Meas. M - Aggressive Solicitation Controls (San Francisco)

Prop 49 - After School Programs
Prop 50 - Water Bond
School District (Santa Paula)
School District (Hawthorne)
School District (Signal Hill)
Homecare (Los Angeles)
Ref 4241 - Playgrounds (El Segundo)
Ref 1345 - Playgrounds (El Segundo)
5 Candidate Nominations

Prop 45 - Term Limits   
24 Candidate Nominations

Prop 36 - Drug Reform/Treatment for Non-Violent Offenders
Prop 38 - School Vouchers
Meas. A - Completion of 710 Freeway (Pasadena)
Meas. KK - Living Wage (Santa Monica)
Meas. T - No Wal-Mart/Union Jobs (Palmdale)
Meas. A - Safe-Sex (West Hollywood)
Plebiscite - Safe-Sex (multiple legislative districts)
a - Greek Theater/Contract Bidding (Los Angeles)
Meas. H - Hollywood Incorporation as City
Plebiscite - Cable TV Regulations (Los Angeles)
Plebiscite - Energy Plant Construction (San Jose)

b - Car Tax
Prop 23 - None of the Above
Prop 25 - Political Reform
Meas. A - Eminent Domain (Ventura)
Plebiscite - AIDS Funding (multiple legislative districts)
Prop 1 - Speed Bump Removal (Auburn)
Meas. I - Eminent Domain (Huntington Beach)
Prop E - Welfare Reform (San Francisco)
Sunset Millennium Hotel
Prop 1 - Development Referendum (Redlands)

Prop 227 - English First/Bi-Lingual Education
Prop 4 - Ban Animal Traps
Prop 6 - Ban Slaughter of Horses
Prop 10 - Tobacco Tax/Early Childhood Programs
Meas. A - MTA Reform
Meas. F - San Fernando Valley Incorporation as City
a - Charter Schools
Prop 27 - Term Limits
Recall - Remove Elois Zenah (Thousand Oaks)
Meas. B - Rural Development (San Diego Co.)
b - Non-Profit Bargaining (San Francisco)
b - Trash Collection (Escondido)
Prop A - Fur Labels (Beverly Hills)

b - Tobacco Tax/After School Programs
10 Candidate Nominations

Prop 210 - Minimum Wage Increase
Prop 214 - HMO Reform
Prop 215 - Medical Marijuana
Prop 217 - Reinstate Top Tax Brackets
Prop 223 - Administrative Spending Limits Public Schools
Prop 225 - Term Limits
Meas. E - Highland Hospital Services (Alameda Co.)
Meas. K - Kids First! Children’s’ Programs (Oakland)
Prop 8 - Election of Charter Reform Officials (Los Angeles)

Prop 200 - No Fault Auto Insurance
Prop 201 - Class Action Suits
Prop 202 - Attorney Fee Limits

Prop 186 - Single Payer Health Insurance